Monday, November 30, 2009

specks of snow as seasons change

soooo life is apparently a series of electrical issues lately for me. my car is a bit screwy right now- i'm convinced something is wired incorrectly, and i just had a weird power surge in my cabin... resulting in one of my strands of white lights burning out. sad.

but that's not why i started writing tonight.
i'm trying to renew my relationship with writing. i love to write. really i do. i just get distracted sometimes. and i've been distracted lately i guess.

a year ago was my first day at honeyrock.
i thought about it a little today because it was quite chilly outside today and we had a minute amount of snow fall from the sky. come on snow! i haven't seen you since may! (yeah, that's a weird thing to say... but it's true. oh northern wisconsin...)

also i had to laugh today about nicknames... so my friend bob commented to our friend evan about me and called me "pancake". i've decided that bob thinks calling me "krista pancake" is the best thing ever. it makes me laugh. but he's not the first to give me this nickname. today lori commented that she thought of "pinecone" instead of "pancake", which is also a common nickname for me. and by common i do mean that in the last few years of my life. yes, i didnt have nicknames growing up. sandi called me "kippy" for a little while in high school, but that's about it. there's not a lot you can do with my first name, especially since i do not like being called "kris" (except when my mom does it, because moms have that liberty). today (more than once i think) scott called me "fern gully" which he has been doing all fall. i enjoy this very much. it always makes me laugh. (fern gully is a movie about saving the rainforest- the main character is a fairy named christa)

this weekend i went to ohio. i know, i know, it goes against my entire belief system, but, to be honest, i had a really great time. that's right ohio, you win... for now...
i hung out with my new friend bob (though i dont think i can call him that anymore since we've known each other for a month and a half now... when is something not "new" anymore??) and his friends. we went to a parade in the tiiiiiiny town of bluffton. i was incredibly amused. and equally delighted. then we had a quick bite to eat/beer tasting before heading out to hear live music at coffee amici. it was SO awesome! i loved every second of it. :)
afterwards we went back to bob's house (with like 20 of his friends) and had a dance party! i just kept thinking "i love my life"... i also met bob's sister lori- and i think she's pretty fantastic. :) yay for new friends!

sunday morning bob and i ate breakfast together- slowly. that sounds really weird, i'll own that, but hear me out. i work at camp, so eating meals is often part of my job. and i usually have to shove food in my mouth as quickly as possible in order to deal with children who are doing stupid things. i can eat dinner in 5 minutes flat. or less if needed... and i can eat breakfast while writing up a kid for misbehaving. i've done both before. and i'll do it again. anyway, so my point is i always eat fast lately and i hate it. so when we made breakfast on sunday (microwave oatmeal, sliced apple, and orange juice) we sat at the table and talked and i found myself eating super slowly, though i'll admit it was partly because i made my oatmeal WAY too hot, so i had to let it cool. but the whole thing just stuck in my mind because it was so nice to sit and talk and enjoy breakfast like that, even if it was just microwave oatmeal...

after our slow breakfast we went to bob's church- there was a discussion beforehand about the "advent conspiracy" book they're reading and i was a little nervous since i hadn't read any of it, but it was so great! i even felt comfortable enough to join in the discussion, and that old familiar excited passion boiled up inside of me when we talked about truly caring for and loving people.
so, so good.


life is crazy.
life is unpredictable.
life is full of possibilities.
life is good.

"i'd rather be the one who loves than to be loved and never even know." snow is gone, josh ritter

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy holidays...

it's that time of year again.


i hope i get into the "christmas spirit" this year. i have found myself getting more and more lame in that department. i blame the fact that for most of my life i was singing christmas songs for choir for months in advance and there were always all sorts of festive events to prepare. and now... well, it still hasn't even snowed here yet.

a year ago i was just 2 days from leaving for honeyrock.
very weird

it seems much longer ago than that.

mmm i probably have a lot to say right now, but to be honest, i just havent been into writing lately. not on here, not in my journal, nothing.
not really sure why either.

still debating what to do tomorrow. i would like to go to rei and get a free gift card. i would also like it to be worth $100. but $5 would be worth it too. i do NOT want to battle traffic and risk my life for it either.
it would be more fun if i had someone to go with, but i couldnt find any takers.

hanging out with frances tomorrow. and also trying to get my car fixed. gross.

i'm so grumpyyyyy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


i fail at blogging lately.
and even this is probably going to be pretty short. or just barely long enough to update everything that's been happening in the past 2 weeks.

life is good right now.
so good.

i'm always doing all sorts of fun things, which i love, and i enjoy my job about 86% of the time. that's a pretty good average i think. that makes me have a B/B+ job. my least favorite parts are waking up to go to work (which isnt that bad because i live at camp) and not having a bathroom in my cabin. though this week i'm on dorms, so i do have a bathroom... but i'm sharing it with 42 5th graders. yikes.

i spent last weekend up at springhill for a junior's retreat. it was crazy. it was awesome. it was camp. i'm so in love, i can't help it. if i could choose between getting married and getting my dream job at camp i'm fairly certain i'd choose the job. yep. i do like my job now, but it's not a forever kind of job. or even a 5 year kind of job. but it suits me very well right now.

i bought a plane ticket to washington. i'm going for about 10 days before christmas to help out murphy/alex at cheese louise. i'm mega excited. i wish i could stay longer, but the prices were really high and i didnt want to cut it too close to christmas. so i'll be there from dec 12-22. also mom said she's looking into tickets to florida for about the 25-31ish to see grandpa and grandma. woot. and january 11 i get out my wisdom teeth. BARF. things i am not looking forward to...

soooo yeah. that's a quick rundown of life i suppose. this weekend i'm possibly headed to illinois, next weekend i'm for sure headed to illinois, wheaton specifically to hang out with some AMP friends. :) then i have the whooooole week of for thanksgiving. woot.

time to check up on the well-being of the small children....