Sunday, January 31, 2010


it's cold.
i'm keeping my mac on my lap to keep me warm.

this weekend has been pretty great.
friday (after a LONG day at work) i drove down to findlay for bob's birthday party. it involved about 60 people i didnt know, but i still had a lot of fun.
yesterday i drove up to ann arbor to hang out with the allman girls and then met up with frances and tim for an afternoon/evening of fun.
now i'm sitting at mom's house watching hockey. i'll head back to battle creek later today sometime. not sure when yet.

this week and next i'm on dorms with miss angela. i'm excited to spend time with her. :)

life's up for some potential changes.
too much tbd at this point to post about... but i'll let ya know...

that's all i've got right now. i'm lame, i know. sorry...

Monday, January 25, 2010

i cant help but be filled with joy when songs from RENT come up on pandora.

my ambitions list for 2010 is getting pretty extensive.
and i MEAN IT this time.
i think...

i'm going to be the most well read, social, eco-conscious, advocate for social justice, money saving, uber-traveled, people loving.... etc.... person EVER in 2010.
or something.

la vie boheme!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

foot. ball.

i'm kind of torn right now.
i'm really annoyed that after 6 weeks off work i'm still sitting here on the couch when i should be driving back to battle creek by now.
my face is swollen and sore and it's really frustrating to have been sitting around for 5 days. ugh. hate hate hate.
i called in (emailed in?) sick for tomorrow. i had to leave a message, so i hope that goes ok. i didnt really have a choice since my face/head hurts so bad and i can't talk very well and my face is swollen.... AGHHHH.

now i'm watching football. lots and lots of football. that seems to have been a trend over break.
good job colts.
come on vikings.
my only problem will be if the vikings win and then take on the colts in the superbowl. because i dont know who i will root for. so much stress in my life. (ha.)

still not doing a very good job of making choices in my life. whether it be for the weekend or for the months ahead, i keep getting distracted. the truth is, i just dont know what i want anymore. ugh. it sucks to be indecisive.

Friday, January 22, 2010

my face is 3 times the normal size
and i'm stuck watching tv all day, which is getting pretty lame. i cant even focus enough to read, cuz i'm on DRUGS. i feel like i got punched in the face repeatedly. just like rocky.

wisdom teeth removal surgery recovery is coming slower than i hoped...

the end.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

covered in golden retriever hair...

i kind of want to cry right now.
but i'm in an airport and i'm not really a big crier... but if i was in my car driving away right now, i'd probably shed a few tears. cars are good for that. crying, loud music, singing- the best kind of catharsis. but i'll be spending the next 14 hours in an airport/airplane. PSC-SFO, SFO-ORD, ORD-DTW. yikes.

but i digress.
stream of consciousness...

the last 17 days have absolutely flown by. no joke. granted, i feel as though i've been here forever in some ways too. like there was no beginning and there would be no end to this trip.
and it was glorious.

but in my heart i knew this day would come.
i knew i'd be sitting at the pasco airport at a ridiculously early hour, waiting to head back to michigan (against my will). alex drove me to the airport this morning in the mini cooper. which was sweet. i really like that car. i also found it fitting, because i'm pretty sure i spent more time with alex on this trip than i did with any other person. and i enjoyed every moment of it. i appreciate the fact that we can just laugh together about pretty much anything. there's a lot more i appreciate about him, but it doesn't seem quite right to list off all of the adventures and hilarity we've had right here in this post. it wouldn't make a lot of sense to anyone but me, so i'll save that for the old paper journal.

last night murphy, jess, and i were scheming about planning a sweet hiking trip this spring. murphy laughed that i was already planning my next trip to the tri-cities. i really do love it here. AND next time i come i get to see evan, which is an added bonus on top of the felton/eberle clan.

i might already be scoping out potential job ideas here. don't get excited, i haven't made ANY decisions yet, but i do realize that my job ends the first week of june, and there have been no solid plans made beyond that at this point. and i love it here. there is already a community of people here that i know and love, and maybe it's time for me to try living life outside of the camp world. working at camp has been my "dream job" for the past 5 years, but maybe i've already grown out of it. i've looked at hundreds of jobs in the past few years, but none have seemed to be just quite right. i have to be honest, the one i'm in right now is ok, but it's not a great fit. i can't believe they even want me to stay. i'm not really 100% suited to the job, and it's consistently incredibly humbling. i'm super nervous about going back after having a month and a half off. i'm sure i've forgotten everything i'm supposed to be doing/teaching kids. i foresee this leading to even more humbling experiences...

tomorrow morning is one to be dreaded. i have already postponed this un-delightful experience by over a week, and i'm not any more excited by it at this point. that's right, tomorrow is the day i get my wisdom teeth out. i've never had surgery before and i do NOT do well with needles. the only part i'm looking forward to (if you can call it that) is 5 days of sleeping afterwards. ha. though it would be nice to be recovered by the weekend enough to hang out with friends before heading back to work. we'll see.

*sigh* 45 minutes till i board my first flight.

"and it seems to me some kind of harmony is on the rise..." dr.horrible's sing along blog, my eyes

Saturday, January 16, 2010

things are slow here at the shop right now.
it's been a good day though.
my favorite part was either hanging out with the italian family that came in earlier (6 year old cassia is my new best friend) or trying desperately not to laugh when this lady asked alex and i if we were "freshly married."
oh my.

i'm not good at both starting and finishing projects.
i can start projects. i can finish other people's projects.
but starting and finishing a project all by myself?? now that's a difficult task.

i work well with others. i do ok on my own, but the magic happens when i have other people to bounce ideas off of and spur on to greatness.

this is why i couldn't ever write a book by myself. or a song. ok i've done that like twice, but it was less than stellar. and yes, that's the ONLY reason i cannot do these things... my inability to finish a project.
that's why i blog well. short and simple. stream of conscious writing. fantastic...

i also think of great lyrics/thoughts from time to time. they could probably be put together with other words and rhymes and such and make up something quite beautiful. ah but the effort... and project deficiency. *sigh*

related or not...

a few hopelessly romantic word-thoughts i've had lately... probably brought on mostly by the large amount of the jason mraz pandora station:
-i want a boy to sing me songs and make ridiculous promises he has no intention of keeping.
(also songs about how i should break up with my boyfriend because he is clearly a better match. though this would require 2 boys to be interested in me simultaneously.... i'd settle for 1.)
-if a guy ever burst into an improvisational vocal duet with me (complete with a choreographed dance routine in a dim to mildly indirect lit space) i'd be his forever, hands down. no questions asked.
-boys should never compliment me. i will always take it the wrong way.

i go back to michigan on tuesday morning at the crack of dawn.
this saddens me on many levels.


Friday, January 8, 2010

dear tri-cities inhabitants,

please stop being lame. 8pm is far too early to head back to your house on a friday night. look, we here at cheese louise have stayed open for you, providing a trendy late night hangout for you and your friends. cheese, wine, coffee... can life get better? i submit that it cannot! and if you're not into the pandora playlist of classical jazz music (um i'm about to throw up from hearing the same style of music for so many hours straight, so i do not blame you) i will gladly keep the weezer playing. yes, that's what i'm blaring at the moment while alex naps in the back. now if i only had a glass of wine of my very own...

put simply, come visit. spend your money. eat some cheese.

love, krista

ok for realizies, i like being here. really i do. but i hateeee when no one comes in. especially on the late nights, cuz though i have a bunch of projects i'm too tired to do them. i can fake energy when guests come in, but when it's just me and alex and the wordless random jazz provided by pandora|one, i start to zone out and it's more than i can handle. and we still have 2 hours. ahhh. maybe i'll get a second wave of energy here in a bit. let's hope so. if not, loud rock music and mindless internet surfing it is.

tonight begins the first wtr at springhill. i was supposed to be there. then i hopped a plane to washington... so...
i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little bummed to not be there. but i also have to remember that there are 10 more after this one. well, next week i'll still be here, and the week after that i'll probably be recovering from surgery, so that wont work out either. but that still leaves 8 more.
that's a lot of wtrs.

i'm ready for snow.
so ready for snow.
there's snow at home. there is not snow here.
luckily i have a job that provides lots of opportunities to be in the snow.

i need to start seriously training for this race in may... that's also code for i need more angela van drunen in my life. seriously hanging out with her is one of the reasons i'm not entirely dreading going back to work. angela hang out time is a huge perk of my life at the oec.
bah, my first week back is going to be rough. this i know.

yeah i dont really have anything else to say.
murphy comes back from cali tonight.


mmm so i like it here.
i kind of never want to back to my 'real' life.
at least i've still got another week and a half in washington selling cheese and hanging out with amazing people.
then i have to go get 2 teeth ripped out of my face.
then i go back to work.