Sunday, February 28, 2010

if you ask me what i'm doing next in life i'll probably give you either a dirty look or a mischievous smile... depending on my mood.

because again i say to you, i just don't know.
and that's ok.
oh i've got lots of ideas. and plenty of offers. i'm just waiting to see where things go.
is that vague enough for you?

it will be fabulous i'm sure, and you have my permission to continue living vicariously though my life.

last weekend i was in a 4 mile snow race through the woods on foot, went sledding down a 100ft vertical drop on the sand dunes of lake michigan, and went skiing at caberfae.

Monday, February 22, 2010

sometimes i just can't believe how much God cares for every single detail of my life.
God is so good.
oh gosh...
so good...

my body hurts from extreme winter sporting this weekend.
snow day at work today... so i crafted all day. :)
applying for jobs, stepping out in faith... hoping to plan a move soon...

watching the olympics. i want one of those blue star jackets.

the END.

Monday, February 15, 2010

the internet says i have ADHD.
(i scored a 93 out of 100)

elisabeth agrees.

this explains so much....

"...You will be there for me even in my greatest need to wash away my fears, You are the sun You are the rain, You are the light of the world, You make everything so beautiful..." sevenglory, so beautiful

Saturday, February 13, 2010

life has continued on its whirlwind path and i feel like i can hardly keep up.

last weekend i headed up to springhill to volunteer for a WTR. it was fantastic. i loved seeing great friends and hanging out with kids i didn't have to yell at all the time. (my fifth graders have been a handful at the OEC...)

last week was a 4 day work week, which was sweet. we also got a a bunch of snow! we've been waiting for it for months.

in other news, my aunt rosie died on thursday. she'd been in the hospital for a few weeks and hadn't felt well in months. death is such a weird thing. i haven't had to deal with it much in life, so it's hard for me to figure out what to do with in my brain. the funeral is on tuesday, and i already have monday off work for president's day, so it looks like i'm working a 3 day week next week.

ah yes, my work life. i don't mind my job i suppose, but then there's the whole we're working for 2 weeks, then off for 6, then on for 3 days, then off for another week and a half, then on for like 4 weeks, then done. if you do that math, it's about 7 weeks of work for the next 4 months. these are relatively recent developments and i still haven't determined what to do next. i really want to move to washington, but i'm not sure that will work out right. i've also spent some time working on some outdoor ed ideas for springhill, but i don't know what (if anything) will become of that.
i'm just taking life one step at a time. that's all i can do really.

this weekend is the epic SEM girl SHX WTR reunion tour. well, it's 3 of the SEM girls at least. too bad we're old now and are far less excitable about camp things. ok, courtney and elisabeth fall into that category. i'm still pretty wide eyed and wholeheartedly loving every second of our attempt to recapture the glory of our college years volunteering. we'll see how today goes with my 2 grumpy friends.

speaking of, i should get ready for the day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

happy birthday to my baby sister. i told her today '22 years ago you came into my life and disrupted y world of being the youngest girl in our family!"

i can't count the number of times i think "if i only had this..." or "if my life was only like that..." THEN i'd be happy.

it's all a lie...

i am happy. (to varying degrees at any given moment)
and life is in a constant state of change.

i went to the gym with angela today. i forgot how much time there is to think while you're pumping your legs on an elliptical machine, and i was suddenly overcome with some amazingly freeing thoughts. my favorite: "We are never beyond redemption."