Monday, August 31, 2009

driving... driving... and more driving...

i drove a lot last week.
i decided it must have been over 30 hours in 8 days. probably more...
i also listened to a lot of music. that was happy.

it was good to catch up with people last week. i got to see emmy & jenna
and we played with my new computer. :)

i also got to see my dad & stepmom, lunch with my sis, an afternoon with the heires', two nights out with elisabeth, and tittyung time. i was a busy kid.

friday i drove out to battle creek to drop off my stuff in my new room, then i headed over to chicago for the weekend. jess, heather, gregory and i had a wonderful time hanging out.

gpa musical.... ?? :)

us vs. the bean.

our usual photo shoot...

last night i drove back here and settled into my room. i met a few people last night and learned a new card game (and kind of dominated at it...)

today was our first day of work and it went really well. we did some get-to-know-you type stuff (of course. we're outdoor educators.) and high ropes training this afternoon. i like the people on my team and i'm looking forward to getting to know them over the next 6 weeks while i'm here. del (the director here) was already talking about how he wants to help me and anyone else who comes through here find jobs after our experience here, which was good to hear. i'm still torn in a lot of was as to exactly what i want to be doing next, but it's always good to have someone looking out for you.

"... i never told you what i should have said, no i never told you, i just held it in, and now i miss everything about you." - Colbie Caillat I Never Told You

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hello michigan. :)

my time at honeyrock has come to an end. and i'm back in my beloved mitten state.
we had a good GPA celebration dinner on friday night. it was a good way to wrap up our time. i drove all day yesterday and made it back around dinnertime.

i spent the evening trying to unpack and playing with my new computer. :)

life is good right now. i'm excited about moving and starting my new job over the next week. i've got a few days to spend with friends/family and a lot of random things to do before i move on friday.


"I know you stay true when my world is false, everything around's breaking down to chaos. I always see you when my sight is lost." - mutemath, chaos

Sunday, August 9, 2009

winding down

a lot's happened lately

a week ago i led 'cowgirl camp' for 6 amazing adventure camp (10-12th grade) girls. we had SO much fun in those 2 days of hanging around the barn! we baked horse treats, groomed/bathed horses, went on rides, made LOTS of fires, and slept out at the wagon circle. andreea and i slept underneath the stars... well, until it started to rain at 4:02am... that went something like this

(3 droplets of rain on my face...)
me: andreea... andreea... ANDREEA!!!! wake up! it's raining! get in the wagon!
andreea: (unintelligible sounds)
me: come on!
andreea: (standing) i'm dizzy...
me: that's because you went from sleeping to standing in 3 seconds.

and all was well.
we all laughed a lot and truly enjoyed one another during our 2 days together. good times at cowgirl camp. :-)

i turned 24 this week.
it was a pretty good birthday, as far as birthdays go. mom sent the usual package from the popcorn factory (thank you mom!) and i got a few other random cards as well. it was fun to be with my kids on my birthday, i think they were more excited than i was!

our last kid session ended on friday. well, the service team kids are still here until tomorrow... but they're special, so they're not included on that. :-)

i got the honeyrock influenza virus.
yick. at least it waited until the end of the last session. seriously, illness couldnt have come at a better time, as obnoxious as it is to be sick on my few precious days off, it's better now than when i had a thousand things to do.
friday i was only kind of sick and jess had told me she'd drive to wausau with me because all i wanted in the world was qdoba for weeeeks and i promised myself i'd get it once session ended as a birthday/celebration treat for myself. well, jess ended up being busy and no one else could/wanted to go... so i went by myself for a 2 hour drive to wausau. it was glorious to have some time alone. and my burrito was fantastic. i also was planning on going to starbucks... but i couldnt find it. so i settled for driving back to three lakes and having coffee at deja brew. which was delightful. and far more inexpensive. i sat and read from the donald miller anthology i'm borrowing from heather (i think i'm on "searching for God knows what"...) and i desperately want to finish reading it before i head home in 2 weeks.

yesterday i was too sick to join the rest of the staff on the staff trip to superior, which bummed me out, but what's a girl to do? well, i slept in, and, upon discovering that trying to read made me want to vomit, i borrowed season 6 of gilmore girls from becky. yes, yes, i know i was breaking honeyrock's "place apart" mentality... but i felt as though i had extremely limited options. i got a lot of rest and feel somewhat better today. i still can't stand for long periods of time, but i am on the mend.

lots of crazy going on here today... nothing i can expound upon at this moment.

passage training starts tomorrow morning.