Tuesday, March 30, 2010

inquiring minds...

if you're reading this i'm assuming you followed the link and you're interested in finding out more about where i am and what i'm doing these days.

current location: kennewick, washington. aka "the tri cities" or "the 503". there are lots of friends and puppies here for me to hang out with.

i've been here for 3 weeks now. and it's ACTUALLY spring here. yes, michigan friends, it CAN stop snowing before the end of march! who knew?! i've even started a garden from seed! well, nothing is growing yet... it's only been a few days. :)

i start my new job on monday.
job: YMCA childcare site supervisor for an elementary aged before and after school program. this means i plan and implement YMCA programs for 20-30 kids M-F before and after school at an elementary school. in the summer my role will change a bit for summer day camp YMCA programs.
i will know more about my job when i start it, but it seems like it will be a lot of fun and allow for me to gain experience planning programs. i also will have a schedule that allows for me to spend time with my friends at cheese louise (the shop owned by evan, murphy, and alex).

for those in the pancone family that are concerned, have no fear, i am most definitely planning on coming back to michigan for the family reunion at the end of june! :)

so that's not incredibly descriptive, but hopefully it will be enough for now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

maybe someday i'll get back to being a good blogger.
lately i kinda stink at it.
sorry world, i know you count on my updates to make it through each day...

things have been going well here so far.
i do have these moments where i kinda freak out and want to run away. but this is very typical for me, so it only brings mild concern. i have just learned to deal with the fact that i'm always going to wonder if wherever i am is the "best" or "right" place for me to be. the truth is that it doesn't really matter. life is life, dynamic and changing. nothing is ever for sure.

sometimes i get frustrated about the things that make me who i am- mostly the things that are a blessing and a curse. the stellar attributes that result in other traits that are less than desirable. the longing for adventure which paves way for an inability to feel settled, or when i do feel settled i get anxious, desperate to move on. a flexibility in life that results in the inability to make decisions, or worse, apathy. the desire for excellence, creating an unattainable perfectionism standard leading to feelings of worthlessness.

today i decided to bake cookies. this isn't abnormal lately- in the past week and a half i've baked pineapple cake, chocolate cookies, brownies, and oatmeal cookies. it's nice to have a kitchen again. anyway, as i was baking murphy was on the phone with the camp she consults for in cali and was talking camp stuff... and, i hate to say it, but it totally made me camp-sick. i blame the weather. though it's only late march here, it feels like early may, which means prep for summer camp season. it's super weird to not be preparing for summer camp this year. i think my camp detox is going to be really hard... hopefully being here will help. partly because murphy and evan are here and they know what it's like. i'm still not convinced that i won't eventually be at camp again someday... but God only knows.

last week i had an interview for a job here. it was one i'd applied for about a month ago and was kind of surprised they called me. it's with the YMCA and it sounds like a good fit for me right now. the big thing is i need a WA driver's license... which means officially changing my residency to washington state. that kind of permanency is downright terrifying. and also kind of a pain in the butt. i need to get proof that i live here, etc and it is going to be a process. mom called me and courtney texted me saying they'd heard from the YMCA people today for references, so i guess things are moving along.
this is difficult.
because it means giving up the possibility that was starting to exist for me to go back to springhill. but i think this is the right choice right now, as tough as it may be.

life continues to amaze me, and by that i mean God continues to amaze me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

and away we go.


here i am.

where is here?
the tri-cities, washington state.

how did i get here?
good question.
the answer is a rockin kickin hip hoppin road trip with angalaaaaaa.

monday morning i finished packing up my car and drove to the west side of the state to pick up my drivin buddy. from there we made our way through indiana and illinois, stopped at the wisconsin dells (uhh hilarious), and ended up in mankato, mn. we stayed the night with my dear sweet friend heather (former GPA with me). it was so great to see her again! :)

tuesday angela and i continued on our way. our goal: mount rushmore. dead presidents' faces carved in rock: pretty much everything i ever dreamed it would be. we had dinner at a local brewpub then continued on our way. we made it all the way to bozeman, montana despite the snowy, less than perfect driving conditions we found ourselves in. wednesday was absolutely gorgeous. the perfect day to drive through the mountains of montana and northern idaho. oh man, northern idaho was beautiful. coeur d'alane is just fantastic. i think i said "OH MY GOSH" about a thousand times while admiring the beauty and awesomeness.

due to our incredible devotion to the open road, angela and i made it to the tri-cities in record time. seriously. awesome. it was SO great to pull up to the shop and see evan and alex! we stayed for a bit, then drove over to kennewick to see murphy and unpack my car.
that evening we got to see the dress rehearsal for murphy's play (which officially opened last night). it was super fun. we loved it. :)

thursday angela and i decided to bike from kennewick to the shop- about 12 miles. it was windy and kinda rainy and so much fun! we stayed at the shop for awhile and played some hardcore dutch blitz with evan. after that we headed home and made dinner for everyone and had a lovely evening of tv watching and couch cuddling.

yesterday i took angela to the airport. SAD.
then i hung out at the shop all day.

and today hope and i hiked a mountain.
and i made murphy a coke-ay (bouquet of coke cans)

now you're all caught up.
hopefully that makes you feel better.

how long am i staying here you ask?
i dunno.
i'll let you know when i know, k? k.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

everything's bouts ta get all crazy up in here.

wait for it...............