Saturday, January 15, 2011

hey there mitten state.

i'm in michigan right now, wrapping up my week long trip to the mitten state. i've had a lot of adventures and got the opportunity to see a lot of people i love. today i get to hang out with one of my very best friends and go to a red wings game with my mom and her tonight! :)

washington feels very far away from here. i mean, i know it's 2000 miles, but it feels worlds away. and i know that getting back to WA means a world of change for me.

the longer i live away, the more my aching desire to be in michigan has begun to subside. i never felt like i NEEDED to get away from my home state. i've just had a lot of sweet opportunities all over the country. and i go where the awesome is. :)
i do feel like i'm starting to get a better grasp on the "what's next" monster in my life. thankfully, no immediate action needs to be taken and i have a lot of flexibility still.
i really really really really would like to start grad school in the fall of 2012.
i'm planning on taking the GRE this summer.
i have one program picked out, but i should probably expand my potential schools a bit. though part of me feels like if i don't get into THIS specific program then i might just apply for "real" jobs instead. hmmm. decisions.
either way, if i start my grad program in 2012 i think i can have a master's degree before i'm 30. :)

gosh, 30 seems so old.

life's always interesting, always entertaining, and it's full of more things than i could ever hope to see or do in a thousand lifetimes.

life is good, God is good.
and i'm in love with both.