Monday, October 18, 2010

there are so many things i should be doing right now.

but i haven't blogged in like a billion years. i mean, it's mid FALL for cryin out loud.
life's been busy. and entertaining. and dynamic. etc, etc, etc.

so here i sit. it's "cold" here today. i love it. i'm sitting outside at starbucks on this sunshiney morning. i'm wearing my fleece and sippin some delightful soy cinnamon dolce latte. yum. i just got done working my YMCA job and i'm scheduled to work at the cheese shop from open until i have to go back to the kiddos at 2:45pm. thought it would be more fun to stay out and about all day today. i get distracted at home and never get any work done. i've got lots to do for sommelier class and now i've got an adventure to plan with hope. we're going away this weekend. oh man... might be in over my head on this one... :)

i'm not really sure how to update my life over the past uhh 4 months. gosh has it really been that long since i blogged last? yeesh. fail.
i still work for the Y. i'm also at cheese louise at least once a week. i'm taking a sommelier class so i can be a wine expert... or something like that. i spend a lot of time at gold's gym. angie spent the better part of the summer with us. i got stitches this summer right before my trip home to michigan. i got in a car accident a few weeks ago (still waiting to get my car fixed.. bleh). mom and dani came to visit in august (we went to portland on a train). i'm slowly making friends of my own. murphy and evan built me a room (which i painted green). and now, somehow it's mid october. time feels like it's spinning out of control away from me. i never feel like i have time for anything because i'm too busy doing everything, but at the same time i rationalize that i'm not really THAT busy. maybe it's because i spend a lot of time with people. i try to make a point to plan as many 1 on 1 "dates" with people as possible. i got into this bad habit of forgetting about relationships with others for awhile in my life, so being out here is a fresh start of sorts. plus i want to spend as much time with hope as possible before she leaves for uganda in january.

all that said, i probably should get back to doing something productive.
hope you've enjoyed this update... :)

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