Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer at the Y is much different than school year. it's a lot more work, that's for sure. but i do like my new co-workers. it's been good to meet some more people in the tri-cities. and it's very funny that rachel (who works am/pm with me) went to wheaton. small world?
i've bike commuted three times in the past 2 weeks. i like it. even today when it was hot, i still liked it. go me.
you know what i don't like? the three stitches in my left hand. *sigh* go me again...
i had an incident with a large knife.

anyway, i leave friday night for michigan. the first 3 days are going to be ridiculous. working a marathon day on friday (as usual) and flying through the night to get to detroit by 6:30am. i think the family reunion starts around noon on saturday? so that all day, then either leaving saturday night or sunday to head up to evart with elisabeth.
monday morning will involve a lot of sleeping...

it will be good to get away for a week i think. for a lot of reasons. things are good here, but flying across the country for a week allows for a bit of perspective to take hold. and i need some perspective right now.

i also was hoping to do more fun outdoorsey things this summer, since i actually have time off. but that hasn't happened quite as much as i planned. oh well, still 2 more months of summer and a very warm fall to look forward to, right?

the end.

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