Sunday, June 13, 2010

yeah, i'm still here.
busy. (when is it not?)
but here.

life's good. it's getting HOT here.
i'm falling in love with my new bike. i biked to the shop from the 503 yesterday (11 miles). it was sweet. hoping to start bike commuting this week with my job relocating to vista elementary for the summer, only 5 miles. if i can get myself to leave the house by 5:15am i can bike every morning. contemplating biking afternoons too, or maybe one or the other... might be too hot. not enough shade here in the desert...

my garden is garden is getting HUGE. oh man. i think the tomato plants are going to take over the entire universe. can't wait until they're ready to pick.

i'll be heading to michigan in less than 2 weeks for a week long "vacation". i booked my ticket months ago, but it still seems like it has snuck up on me. like HUZZAH it's SUMMER.


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